The funniest egg box in the world!

A revolutionary, creative packaging concept for the egg industry, eggyplay® is most certainly a food package, but also a sustainable toy. The boxes are large-scale, stackable building blocks that interlock perfectly to build great structures, like castles and towers. The possibilities are endless. In addition, eggyplay® boxes are very light, so no one will get hurt if the tower should tumble. Just don’t try to climb it!

The playful, colourful eggyplay® boxes are made using an injection process and from dishwasher-safe polypropylene that is 100% recyclable. Its solid design gives eggs added protection. Moreover, the boxes are ideal for stacking and stabilizing eggs.

eggyplay® - The funniest egg box in the world!

eggyplay® concept

A value-added revolutionary concept.

eggyplay® - 1 - Eat

eggyplay® - 2 - Wash

eggyplay® - 3 - Build

eggyplay® - 4 - Play

eggyplay® - 5 - Store

The eggyplay® vision and values

Eat, play, grow…!

More than just a package, the eggyplay® concept is based on fundamental needs such as eating, playing, and growing up in a healthy environment. Our vision is to generate added value for the global egg industry through our creative egg packaging.

Eating…because eggs are delicious and very nutritious. An excellent source of essential nutrients, they contribute to healthy physical and mental development, especially in children.

Playing… because children need games and fun to express their creativity, while developing their imagination, dexterity, and physical, cognitive and emotional skills. Furthermore, play is essential to healthy brain development.

Growing… because it is well known that eating well and get active are essential to a child’s development and path to success, well-being, and achievement. It is also a great way to teach kids practical and healthy habits starting at a young age so that they will grow up healthy.

eggyplay® - Eat, play, grow…!

eggyplay® - The idea behind the concept

The idea behind the eggyplay® concept

eggyplay® is a new concept that has already proven successful in several places around the world!

eggyplay® egg boxes are already found in several European supermarkets, but the concept is also gaining in popularity in several other countries. eggyplay® is particularly present in Europe, South America, South Africa, Asia and Oceania.

European design, worldwide concept.

eggyplay® is a trademark owned by DAVA Foods Packaging. The company was founded in 2014 based on a strategic partnership between Danish food manufacturer DAVA Foods Group and Dutch packaging group Twinpack special Products. DAVA Foods Packaging manufactures this new packaging for the egg industry and sells it through its distribution network. The vision of DAVA Foods Packaging is to generate added value for retailers and consumers alike, there by providing innovative packaging solutions.

eggyplay® ‘s target groups

Typical group profiles.


  • Children
  • Age group : 3 – 10 years old
  • Unisex, boys, girls
  • Schools, daycares, businesses


  • Parents
  • Famillies
  • Grandparents

eggyplay® -Target group

eggyplay® products

8 Eggs per box, boxes basic colours.

eggyplay® - Blue

eggyplay® - Yellow

eggyplay® - Pink

eggyplay® - Green

Other eggyplay® products

Themes and accessories

To maximize sales and boost your ad campaigns, eggyplay®’s special edition packaging features colours to fit the different themes and holidays throughout the year. For Halloween, eggyplay® has special black and orange egg boxes, and for the Christmas holidays, eggyplay® has festive red and white boxes. For greater visual impact, choose colourful labels with pictures to match the chosen theme. eggyplay® is also available in transparent plastic, which kids will love to use as windows in their creations. Plus, eggyplay® has egg cups that come in basic colours, which are also stackable and fit into eggyplay® boxes.

eggyplay® - Halloween


eggyplay® - Christmas


eggyplay® - Easter


eggyplay® - Starter kit, contain 36 boxes

Starter kit, contain 36 eggyplay® boxes

eggyplay® - Transparent egg boxes

Transparent eggyplay® egg boxes

eggyplay® - Egg cups

eggyplay® egg cups

technical specifications

Technical sheet

Dimensions :

  • Height : 71,7 mm
  • Width : 206 mm
  • Depth : 103.9 mm

Packaging information :

  • 8 eggs per box
  • S/P – M/M – L/G – XL/TG
  • Weight : 33,3 g ± 0,5%
  • Process : Injection-moulded
  • IML : Customizable, polypropylene labels integrated into the moulding
  • Material : 100% recyclable polypropylene (PP05)
  • Approved for direct contact with food

In-mold labels are fully customizable.

eggyplay® boxes have two in-mold labels: one on the front of the box and one on the back. These labels are fully customizable so that you can include your logo, ads, and other relevant information, such as a bar code, nutritional information, etc.

*For more details, refer to the eggyplay® technical brochure.

eggyplay® - Technical specifications

Easy strorage

With eggyplay® boxes, even the biggest castle takes just a few minutes to pack up. Simply open and stack the boxes. Suddenly, they take up no space at all !

eggyplay® - Box

eggyplay® - Box

benefits and advantages

The benefits :

  • Innovative concept with added value; 2-in-1 package and toy.
  • Subsequent purchase concept; toy collection.
  • Encourages brand loyalty.
  • Concept targets families and children; increased sales due to the child’s influence.
  • Immediate product appeal.

The advantages :

  • Playful and colourful design that draws eyes and attention.
  • Promotes creativity and healthy habits.
  • Eco-friendly, reusable and recyclable package/toy.
  • Better egg protection; solid design.
  • Sustainable packaging that has multiple alternative uses.


  • The patented eggyplay® design features a solid and very light box that is perfect for stacking, allows for easy storage and transport, as well as increased stability, thanks to its unique design.
  • Safe design: The packaging is dishwasher safe to prevent contamination and the spread of bacteria. (It’s essential to wash the boxes in the dishwasher at 65˚C before use as a toy.)

eggyplay® and the environment

Did you know that packaging has a significant impact on the environment?

That’s why eggyplay® got innovative and invented a sustainable and eco-friendly packaging concept. The unique eggyplay® box design is light and very solid, ideal for protecting eggs. Moreover, the boxes are dishwasher safe. Once washed, eggyplay® can be used as a toy to build towers, castles, etc. eggyplay® is child-friendly and has been approved and certified by the CE. eggyplay® boxes are made from 100% recyclable polypropylene (PP05). In addition, the manufacturing process uses less resin than traditional plastic packaging for eggs.

Contributing to sustainable development using eggyplay® is child’s play…!

eggyplay® - Sustainable packaging

eggyplay® - Car

  1. eggyplay® Product Manufacturing
  2. Classification level, packaging
  3. Retail (supermarket)
  4. Dishwasher (65˚C)
  5. Reuse as building blocks
  6. Recycle at your recycling center

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